Rude and Naughty Mr and Mrs Questions

“Thanks” to COVID-19, weddings will probably be reinvented, but while we get back to whatever normal we get, please continue your reading as though your life has not been affected by the pandemic. Once we find out how and when we can resume weddings with a larger number of people, I will update a guide to reflect that.

Rude Mr and Mrs Questions? No, not for this party. The bridesmaid has known the happy couple for a while now and nothing she says (or asks) can make them angry with her, because they know she wants the best for them.

Rude Mr and Mrs Questions

You can try our list and see if this is still the case, haha. But before, as a future Mr or Mrs, you may want to know how to not answer the really rude ones. Here they come.

3 Ways to Deal with Rude Mr & Mrs Questions

  1. Use humour. With a quippy comeback, or by making a joke and smoothly changing the subject to something else you can easily get away with not saying much.
  2. Be direct. Either say “Next question” or tell them there’s no way you are going to answer that. regardless, I am sure you will find a way of letting them know that you consider them boorish for asking such a question.
  3. Ask them why they want to know that. This may lead to being asked the same question again, but you may have more time for a fun remark or a humorous reply. Enjoy whichever you choose.

And now, the questions. Let us know if you have any suggestions for more by leaving a comment.

  1. Who will be the most hungover after the wedding?
  2. What is their favourite sex position?
  3. What is the strangest place you had sex?
  4. What is the costume they would like to see you in for your next sexy adventure?
  5. What celebrity they would be allowed to have a free ticket with – had they had a chance to meet him/her?
  6. Bum or boob?
  7. Vanilla or chocolate?
  8. Who has the weirdest orgasm face?
  9. Who screams while having sex?
  10. Who watches the most porn?
  11. Who has (most) fetishes?
  12. Who has the highest libido?
  13. Who is the noisiest during sex?
  14. Who is most likely to cheat?
  15. Who notices the opposite gender on the streets most often?
  16. Who has had more lovers?
  17. Who lost their virginity first?
  18. Who is most likely to have a homosexual encounter?
  19. Who is most likely to bring a sex toy to the bedroom?
  20. Who is most likely to have sex in public places?
  21. Who is most likely to want a threesome?
  22. What is the costume your partner would like to see you up as?
  23. What is the naughtiest thing your partner has ever done?
  24. How many dates have you been on until you did the deed?
  25. How many times /week are you planning to have sex?
  26. How many kids does your partner want?
  27. What is the one thing that would make your partner divorce you?
  28. What have they forgiven you time and time again for?
  29. When is the last time you used sex as bribe?

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