This website started as my very own bookmark website. I was reading all these different books, watched some funny films and wanted to make sure I don’t forget about them.

This is how IdeaBel (or beautiful ideas) came together.

Then I had all these friends getting married, so I figured I could write about Mr & Mrs. I don’t know what comes next, but I will let you know. Make sure to bookmark this and come back.

Who I am ?

Hi, I am Adina A. and I really don’t like to talk about myself.

The only reason I added this “about me” page is because I recently signed up for a website evaluation project and I was told pages without an About Me page look spammy. So there goes nothing :).

Well, I still think this should not be about myself, but rather about the actual pages. This is a website about creative ideas, either from literature or from weddings, you have your pick.