Mr and Mrs Paddle Questions

Drawing from our previous post on Mr and Mrs Questions, we thought you’d like to read the version that is solely meant for the wedding, or in case there is a hen do where both the future bride and groom participate.

Another version of the Mr and Mrs paddle game is when at the hen do, one of the bridesmaids responds instead of the mr, as she’d received the answers before.

Mr and Mrs Paddle Questions

The paddles, the objects, the Mr and Mrs

You should have four paddles, two for the bride and two for the groom. They could have different colours (blue and pink, green and red, or whatever the combo) or you could have Mr & Mrs nicely printed on the paddles.

If you don’t have any paddles, you can always go for some inanimate objects to represent the two. It could be anything from two different shoes, to screwdriver vs. nail polish, or figurines, fluffy toys to two different books. Whatever works for you, or you have to hand.

Mr and Mrs Paddle Questions

I have created two paddles (one for the Mr and one for the Mrs) that you can print and crop, hope they are of use. You can download them from here. The ones my friend Drea designed for us are here for you too

How to avoid rude questions

The purpose of this game is to have a fantastic time, laugh and enjoy oneself. That may not be the case if we feel we have revealed too much to the guests. There will always be a guest frowning upon your reaction or response to a question or two, but when the future Mr or Mrs is upset, that’s not something anyone wants.

You may answer the rude question(s) and move on to another, a more exciting one, but you don’t have to. Regardless of which one you choose, remember not to get back at them with bad manners. Read more about rude and naughty Mr and Mrs questions.

67 Mr and Mrs Paddle Questions

All the following Mr and Mrs questions start with Who. You can always personalise them if you know them and their story, as you know better what will make people giggle. Try not to get the happy couple too mad with the amount of information spilled, though.

  1. Who is the nicest?
  2. Who has better hair?
  3. Who has the best looking nose?
  4. Who is the funny one?
  5. Who is the pragmatic one?
  6. Who has the best job?
  7. Who wears the pants in the relationship?
  8. Who is the corny one?
  9. Who is the romantic one?
  10. Who is the forgetful one?
  11. Who is the spontaneous one?
  12. Who is the best in bed?
  13. Who buys cakes?
  14. Who is most likely to get embarrassed at parties?
  15. Who is the spender?
  16. Who sings in the shower?
  17. Who kills the spiders?
  18. Who cooks better food?
  19. Who has a better voice?
  20. Whose music is better?
  21. Who was out of the other one’s league?
  22. Who is the cheap one?
  23. Who is always right?
  24. Who is the talker?
  25. Who has the most general knowledge?
  26. Who reads minds better?
  27. Who reads more?
  28. Who exercises more?
  29. Who has the funniest orgasm face?
  30. Who said I love you first?
  31. Who got down on one knee/proposed?
  32. Who gets their way the most?
  33. Who asked for the first date?
  34. Who is the most dramatic one?
  35. Who vacuums more often?
  36. Who washes the dishes/ does household chores more often?
  37. Who is the more affectionate one?
  38. Who makes the best cuppa?
  39. Who is most likely to cry at a sad film?
  40. Who is the biggest flirt?
  41. Who has the most annoying friends?
  42. Who has the best-looking friends?
  43. Who knows how to tango/salsa/waltz?
  44. Who is the clumsiest?
  45. Who is the most honest one?
  46. Who can eat the most?
  47. Who has midnight cravings?
  48. Who is the most patient one?
  49. Who is most likely to be late for a date?
  50. Who is the best looking?
  51. Who is the grumpiest?
  52. Who smells the best?
  53. Who earns more money?
  54. Who washes their car more often?
  55. Who snores the loudest?
  56. Who is most likely to eat junk food?
  57. Who is most likely to go for take-away food?
  58. Who spends more time on the phone?
  59. Who takes better photos?
  60. Who is more stylish?
  61. Who takes better selfies?
  62. Who is the messier one?
  63. Who has a better phone?
  64. Who is the party animal?
  65. Who is the most creative one?
  66. Who is the sexiest?
  67. Who loves their mommy the most? ( Or replace mommy with closest family member)
Mr and Mrs Paddle Questions
Image by Sebastian Parkinson from Pixabay

Awkward Mr&Mrs Paddle Questions (may be evil, muhaha)

These are the questions for the daring ones, use them carefully. Maybe mix them with some other questions, to make them easier to digest.

  1. Who hates their family?
  2. Who didn’t really want to get married, but was convinced in the end?
  3. Who thought married life was/is going to be pink and fluffy/ unicorn rainbows?
  4. Who hates/does not like their future in-laws?
  5. Who’s momma’s boy/girl?
  6. Who’s daddy’s boy/girl?
  7. Who never does any chores around the house?
  8. Who was better at school (better grades etc)?
  9. Who has had the most partners?
  10. Who has the most annoying friends?
  11. Who is the cheapest?
  12. Who would cry at a film?
  13. Who gets the last word?

Would you like a copy of these questions to print out or do you suggestions of questions for the list? Let us know in the comments below. Best questions will be included in this list.

First paddles © Drea Duque at

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